The WORLD-LEADER QUIZ poster lists nine parallels between Barack Obama's rise to power and Adolph Hitler's 1933 election as Germany's Chancellor. In the poster's supporting text, Arizona Gun Talk develops a tenth similarity between the two leaders; support of gun control. Following the Sandy Hook school shooting, president Obama lobbied forcefully for several gun control proposals. He claimed they would never lead to confiscation because his administration is, "constrained by a system that our Founders put in place. It's a government of and by and for the people." Poster 25's text argues that he's unwilling to abide by constitutional constraints.


        Poster 25 is not intended to equate the Obama administration with the Third Reich. Hitler was a madman who tried to conquer half the world. In contrast, president Obama's stated goal is to "fundamentally transform" the nation but the full range of his objectives are not yet clear.

        Wife Mary and I realize that even obliquely comparing the president's circumstances to Hitler's will not be well received. If we weren't already on a DHS extremist list, we are now. However, only our ideas represent a threat because we're in our eighties and in poor health. Month by month we evaluate whether to go into assisted living. Also, keeping long-guns was too strenuous so we sold the few we had. Nevertheless, age and ill health don't preclude having a passion for freedom. May God bless and keep our nation.


        The president's reelection coupled with the Sandy Hook school shooting has allowed him to exercise the virulent anti-gun beliefs evidenced by his record. His administration is promoting three forms of gun-control. First, he advocates banning most center-fire, semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. Second, he advocates a ban on magazines capable of holding more than ten cartridges, and finally, he wants background checks on all private gun sales. Our March posting summarize the actions this website has taken to oppose background checks on private gun sales and bans on what progressives call "assault weapons."


        A poster called "FOR CONGRESS" plus its supporting text were posted on 4 March. The poster depicts prisoners in a German concentration camp initially constructed for dissidents. The men are emblematic of the indefinite detention wording in the latest NDAA - incarceration of political prisoners can happen here. The 4 March posting also includes text showing that "assault weapon" bans don't make sense, won't reduce crime and are unconstitutional.


        In the fall of 2009, ATF began a program called "Fast & Furious" - its stated goal was to investigate and identify high-level Mexican gun traffickers. As implemented, the "investigation" could not and did not achieve its goal. The program allowed several thousand guns to enter Mexico with no way to track them until they surfaced at crime scenes. Fast & Furious weapons have been implicated in the death and injury of hundreds. Arizona Gun Talk reviewed the tragic program to determine its' motivation.


        A poster called "THE REAL FAST & FURIOUS IN ONE PAGE" and its supporting text was posted on 27 August. The poster and text explain that the unstated purpose of Fast & Furious was renewing the failed Clinton "assault weapon" ban. The initial poster text makes that argument while the last two-thirds of the text provides corroboration. Also, there's a new entry in the ARTICLES AND LETTERS SECTION. It's a copy of a letter we sent to Mexico's President-Elect Pena Nieto. The letter congratulates Nieto for his victory. It also laments the loss of life and injuries suffered by Mexican citizens from guns the United States Department of Justice trafficked to drug cartels.


        For many years, conservatives have ignored vicious, foul-mouthed attacks by progressives. A favorite progressive slur is that conservatives are racists. Many conservatives have vowed to push back against such insults. Our family's first small "push back" effort is the Race Card poster text; it ridicules progressive's racism accusations. Ridicule is spread over President Obama's policies, associations, and gun-control record. The text ends with a tribute to my wife Mary and some farewell words in memory of Andrew Breitbart.


        A poster called "RACE CARD" and its supporting text was posted on 9 April. The poster shows that playing the race card is a conversation-stopper that rejects facts and attempts to replace logic with guilt. Also, there's a new entry in the Articles and Letters section. The entry is a copy of a mid-February letter Arizona Gun Talk sent to governors of the 33 states that have either enacted, partially passed, or are considering Firearms Freedom Acts (FFAs). FFAs mandate that firearms and ammunition manufactured in a state and kept in that state are not subject to federal regulation. A case involving Montana's FFA is now in the appellate court system. The letter encourages states to enforce FFAs independent of court rulings and federal intimidation.


        The OLD GUNS poster and text is our last 2011offering. The text was difficult to write in that it describes how states can defend against an out of control federal government. It describes implementing Arizona's Firearms Freedom Act in the face of federal opposition. As a reminder, the Act states that firearms manufactured in Arizona and prominently labeled MADE IN ARIZONA are not subject to federal regulation.

        Many progressives view conservatives as government hating radicals who enjoy challenging federal authority. However, this poster text was written In an atmosphere of sadness. It's an unpleasant duty to propose actions that could lead to confrontation. The harsh lessons learned in the author's 33-years as an intelligence analyst motivated the posting - one must deal with the world as it is.


        Our "OLD GUNS" graphic along with its supporting text was posted on 12 December. There was a considerable delay in the posting due to wife Mary's medical problems. She was diagnosed as having a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Thankfully, her recent pathology report is favorable. She has conquered breast cancer, cardiomyopathy, and now Merkel Cell carcinoma. Mary is Norwegian and in the Norse world, TYR is the god of victory; he must surely be her talisman. In spite of health problems, she's been my unfailing companion in developing material for this website.


        The country survived the 2010 lame duck congressional session - no poster was needed to address new gun laws. The STONY-FACED LIAR Poster is a result of President Obama's 13 March Arizona Daily Star op-ed on gun law reform. In it he called for interested parties to begin a new discussion on how to keep America safe. As a follow up, the Justice Department offered to host a forum addressing gun-law reform. A DoJ spokesman said the forum would include all "stakeholders" in the issue to include gun-rights advocates and backers of gun-control legislation as well.


        A poster called "STONY-FACED LIAR" was posted on 25 April. Its "Liar" quote is by Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson. He dealt with President Obama's gun-control positions in the Illinois state legislature for many years (the Articles & Letters Section provides Pearson's quote). The poster's supporting text asks whether gun-rights advocates should attend an administration sponsored forum on gun-law reform.

        One topic suggested for such a forum is expanding background checks to include both private party and dealer sales. If that occurs, trivial changes in gun purchase forms could create a national firearms registry. Such a registry is presently prohibited by law. The poster's text inquires if progressives can be trusted with data on all firearms purchases. The text also covers another potential topic of gun law reform; limiting firearms magazine capacity to 10 rounds.


        The last "Trendline" poster was released in mid-November. We met our goal of having all five Trendline posters and text online following the November, 2010 election. The schedule was influenced by concern that a "lame duck" Congress could enact a major gun-control law while it still held a majority in both houses of Congress. Arizona Gun Talk's next poster and text will be based on federal actions during the potentially dangerous lame duck congressional session. This website has several contingency posters already in finished form.


        A graphic called "TRENDLINE - NULLIFICATION AND ARMED DEFENSE" was posted on 15 November. The poster text further develops the discussion of nullification begun in Poster 18. It examines the concept of nullification in terms of constitutionality and enforcement. The text indicates that nullifying federal firearms laws is unwise unless a State Defense Force capable of enforcing nullification is available. Further, the text postulates that a "socialist-style" firearms confiscation law would be met with armed resistance. It indicates that such resistance is justified by natural law, revolutionary war history, the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and statements by the country’s founders.


        Late October hosts the fourth "Trendline" poster. We continue to push for having all five "Trendline" posters and their text online immediately following the November, 2010 election. We believe that's important in case a "lame duck" Congress attempts to steamroll a major gun-control law through our broken legislative system.


        A graphic called "TRENDLINES - REGISTRATION" was posted on 25 October. The poster presents the LIBERTY OATH our family authored in 1999. The oath warns against the aftermath of firearms registration. It took almost a year to get the idea from a page to a paragraph and finally to three lines. The body of the text creates example gun registration laws as a foil for opposing such laws. Arizona Gun Talk suggests methods progressives might use to make lawsuits opposing gun registration difficult. The text describes how a law to "close the gun-show loophole" might be circumvented, It also introduces a concept called "nullification" as a candidate tool to counter gun registration statutes that include confiscation as a penalty.


        October hosts the third "Trendline" poster. The goal of Arizona Gun Talk continues to be having all five "Trendline" posters and their text online immediately following the November, 2010 election. We want the information available in case a "lame duck" Congress attempts to steamroll a major gun-control law through our broken system.

        It appears that our health situation may allow meeting the above goal. Recent heart diagnostics indicate that I don't need a fourth stent at this time. Also, Mary's electronic heart re-synchronizer is helping control her cardiomyopathy although implanting the complex device almost cost her life.


        A graphic called "TRENDLINES - PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT" was posted on 11 October. The poster and text describe the Obama administration's aggregation of power to the federal government. The administration has gained control over large portions of the banking, transportation, finance, energy, and health-care industries. What it hasn't controlled with legislation, it's working to dominate by regulation. The poster's supporting text indicates that federal aggregation of power will continue and that gun registration may be part of that effort. The text discusses how progressive law-makers might justify a firearms registration law. It refutes possible justification claims using information from locations where registration has been tried. Finally, the text begins a discussion of gun registration law alternatives to develop ways to oppose such laws.


        September hosts the second "Trendline" poster. The goal of Arizona Gun Talk continues to be having all five "Trendline" posters and their text online immediately following the November, 2010 election. We want the information available in case a "lame duck" Congress attempts to steamroll major gun-control legislation into law.


        A graphic called "TRENDLINES - FIREARMS PURCHASE" was posted on 27 September. The poster and text describe the march toward citizens' disarmament represented by federal and state gun laws. The text provides a summary of federal gun laws beginning with the National Firearms act of 1934. We argue that despite the Heller and McDonald victories, progressives will continue their push toward a gun-free society.

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