Poster 37 and its illustrated text comprise the second of several articles opposing the latest version of California's Assault Weapon Control Act (AWCA). It deals with one of several "assault weapon" modifications required to avoid registering such firearms. This posting addresses the implications of insuring that the magazines of AR-15 style rifles can't be removed without "disassembly of the firearm action." Devices that do this are called "magazine locks" in the discussion. According to the AWCA, installing a magazine lock allows rifle owners to avoid registration because magazines are no longer "detachable. However, this posting demonstrates that such devices severely limit the effectiveness of rifles purchased by law abiding citizens for legal purposes such as self-defense.


         This posting went live on 6 November. Formerly, new Arizona Gun Talk website articles began with one "home-grown" graphic followed by analysis in text form. However, all AWCA related postings now include text augmented by professionally prepared graphics. The illustrations are crafted to be informative in Arizona Gun Talk postings but are also offered as prospective trial exhibits in anti-AWCA litigation such as Rupp v Becerra. Arizona Gun Talk teamed with ALLEGRA graphics to produce the illustrations.


         Poster 36 and its supporting text is the first of six articles (posters & text) on the latest version of California's Assault Weapon Control Act (AWCA). It deals with one of several "assault weapons" modifications required to avoid registering such firearms. This posting addresses the implications of modifying a rifle's pistol grip so the full grip can't be used. Until now, new Arizona Gun Talk postings began with one "home-grown" graphic followed by analysis in text form. However, the six AWCA postings will include multiple professionally prepared graphics crafted as prospective trial exhibits in such litigation such as Rupp v Becerra.


         This posting addresses the newest version of California's attack on owners of AR-15 and AK-47 style rifles - it went live on 9 October. The AWCA rifle modification discussed is a "wrap" placed over a rifle's pistol grip so the grip must be palmed rather than held as intended by the designer. The posting describes one of several problems caused by this modification. It focuses on making a rifle with a modified pistol grip ready to fire. As of this writing, 45 companies sell variants of the AR-15 "assault weapon." Since it's the most popular rifle sold in the country today it's featured in the discussion.


         Arizona Gun Talk creators Mac and Mary Coverdell-Cox are long-time 2nd Amendment advocates. Their families recently asked them to document their reasons for opposing gun control laws and record examples of their work. They responded with a letter to Mary’s two college-age grandsons. Bound paper versions of the letter were delivered to the young men and other family members followed by discussions as to whether such a letter was appropriate for posting on Arizona Gun Talk. It was decided that a depersonalized version would be published as Poster 35 and its supporting text.


         The letter titled “To our esteemed grandsons” from their grandmother and “stand -in” grandfather describes events that shaped our opposition to gun control. It was composed via Mac and Mary discussions followed by Mac as the scribe and Mary as the editor. Early events that influenced grandmother Mary’s gun control opposition are summarized first followed by details of Mac’s formative opposition experiences. The major portion of the letter describes the 2nd Amendment advocacy work they shared after their late-in-life marriage. It explains why they put in long hours opposing harsh gun control laws when age and health suggest a more sedate path.


         Poster 34 along with its "Open Letter" supporting text addresses the refusal by New Yorkers to register their so called "assault weapons." Most won't take that dangerous first step toward a disarmed society. The letter notes that the SAFE Act bans semi-automatic rifles but ignores the fact that most long-guns and handguns sold today are semi-automatic. It says "assault weapons" are somehow more lethal than other rifles which is nonsense. The letter goes on to provide reasons why the SAFE Act will not make New York residents safer. More important, it holds that enforcing "assault weapon" registration constitutes open warfare against the rifles' owners.


         A poster titled "AN OPEN LETTER" went live on 1 August. It points out that gun registration leads to confiscation, enslavement and death. It further notes that in America, there's an unrelenting effort by "Progressives" to disarm the people. Their radical social-engineering goals require absolute power but such power can't be realized in an armed society. Their solution is to impose ever more stringent gun-control laws. In New York State this resulted in the SAFE Act which mandates a host of new controls on the right to keep and bear arms. The letter observes that Progressive's blind march to a disarmed society is not some right-wing fantasy; it's an objective fact. It concludes by thanking New York patriots for not complying with the state's despotic SAFE Act.


         An oppressive universal background check bill (HB-2091) was recently proposed by anti-gun Arizona legislators. If it fails to pass, supporters will likely recast the failed bill as a Bloomberg funded ballot initiative. Former Mayor Bloomberg has promised to bankroll background check ballot initiatives in Washington, Nevada, Maine, and Arizona. So far he's kept his word; the first three listed states will vote on universal background check ballot initiatives in the 2016 general election.


         A poster called "IMPACT OF A UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECK LAW " and its three-page supporting text went live on 15 February. The text uses examples to demonstrate that if HB-2091 regulations attain the force of law as a ballot initiative, firearms transfers will be so burdensome that simply owning guns becomes a challenge Many thanks to our webmaster, editors, and fact checkers for getting the material ready to post during the early portion of Arizona's 2016 legislative session.


         Poster 32 asks citizens to support the right to keep and bear arms because 2016 will be a critical year for gun owners. Arizona Gun Talk believes the administration will attempt to expand federal control over firearms via executive actions, orders, and regulation changes. In addition, former mayor Bloomberg continues to finance punitive gun-control ballot initiatives at the state level.

         The text shows how Arizona citizens can resist anti-rights efforts and support new pro-gun laws by using lobbying tools developed by the "Arizona Citizens Defense League." AzCDL is a 13,000-plus member, all volunteer organization that's been instrumental in making Arizona the leading state for protecting 2nd Amendment rights. We encourage readers to join AzCDL ( However, you can use their proven lobbying tools without joining. Either way, Poster 32's text provides an easy roadmap for using AzCDL's lobbying methods to influence legislation.


         A poster called "A TIME TO STAND" and its one-page supporting text went live on 1 February. A single page hand-out (poster on one side; text on the other) will be distributed to gun owners in the Prescott area over the next few months. Many thanks to our webmaster, editors, and fact checkers for getting the material ready to post during the early portion of Arizona's 2016 legislative session.


         The Mr Gun Control text updates the status of Washington, Nevada, Maine, and Arizona Bloomberg-style universal background check ballot initiatives. The claimed purpose of the initiatives is to keep felons and the mentally impaired from acquiring guns. The text demonstrates that what Bloomberg supported ballot initiatives really do is subject law abiding gun-owners to fines and imprisonment for every-day, commonplace firearms transfers.


         Poster # 31 called "MR GUN CONTROL" and its supporting text went live on 7 December 2015. The stunning 2013 defeat of the Manchin-Toomey Universal Background Check Bill made it clear the country is in no mood for more federal gun-control laws. Following the defeat, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg adopted a novel approach to enacting background check laws. He devoted millions to using ballot initiatives as a way to pass such laws state-by-state. As indicated above, Poster 31's text provides a brief review of his approach and progress. The text ends with a video script that ridicules Nevada's universal background check ballot initiative.


         Poster 30's supporting text urges Nevada gun owners to reject the state's proposed Background Check Act. The text is part -one of a three part set that shows: 1) the act is massive gun control (this poster), 2) it will have little or no effect on public safety (Poster 31), and 3) it will generate an ill-advised list of Nevada gun owners (Poster 32).


         Poster # 30 called "IN OPPOSITION TO NEVADA'S PROPOSED BACKGROUND CHECK ACT (BCA)" and its supporting text went live on 26 January 2015. Its text discusses gun transfer regulations of Nevada's proposed BCA. It provides examples of commonplace actions that would be criminal under the Act. The examples are presented under two headings: "How BCA Regulations Affect Transferring Guns to Others" and, "How BCA Regulations Affect Taking Custody of Guns Belonging to Others." Through our examples, we hope Nevadans will better understand the devastating effect the proposed BCA will have on gun owners and reject it.


         Poster 29's supporting text examines methods to prevent freedom's demise. Four potentially viable methods for defending the Republic are discussed; they are: 1) stop the president from making and overturning laws by bringing a civil lawsuit against him, 2) stop federal excesses by amending the Constitution, 3) stop enforcement of unconstitutional federal laws and regulations by enacting state laws that nullify them and, 4) stop federal excesses through non-violent civil disobedience.


         Poster # 29 called "THE DEATH OF FREEDOM --- HOW TO STOP IT" and its supporting text went live on 15 December (Bill of Rights ratification day). Both Poster 28 and 29 avoid the 2nd Amendment issues usually addressed by this website. They deal with broader concerns raised by the Obama administration's blatant disregard of the Constitution. In a perverse sense, the administration's lawless actions are useful because they sharply defined the battle for freedom.

The ten month delay between Poster 28 and 29 was not caused solely by the authors' age and ill health. Much of that time was spent providing hundreds of LIBERTY OATH cards to Connecticut, New York, Washington State and other pro-firearms groups. As a reminder, the cards warn citizens against registering firearms. Countless gun owners in many states are ignoring gun registration requirements - they have adopted a "come and take them" stance.


         The text presents an approach to restoring the right of free political speech to the nation's churches. Unfettered political speech was practiced from the pulpit for hundreds of years until 1954 when it was limited by an IRS Code change. The change (called the "Johnson Amendment") prohibits church involvement in what the government calls "political campaign intervention." An example of "intervention" would be supporting or opposing candidates for public office. Arizona Gun Talk holds that there's no bright line between politics and morality and that Congress was wrong to establish one.


         A poster called "RESTORE POLITICAL FREE-SPEECH TO CHURCHES" and its supporting text was posted on 10 February. Note that because of age and increasing ill health, generation of new posters and text for Arizona Gun Talk remains problematic.

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