Motivation for Opposing Gun-Control
        Our first exposure to gun-control came as teens when we were saddened by Nazi death camp revelations. We both felt that if European Jews had been armed, they would have resisted detention. For Mary, reinforcement came from her Lutheran Church’s post-war help of displaced persons. She was exposed to families that had lived under the German occupation. Also, as an adult, Mary’s Jewish friends recounted the tragic loss of relatives and friends. For me, concern about gun-control was reinforced by my profession. For 33-years, I analyzed intelligence from countries that had disarmed and then enslaved their citizens. Also, being unarmed during a work place shooting helped me see the personal side of gun-control. Because of a rumored new gun-control initiative, I stopped keeping a weapon in my car. Of eleven wounded, seven died - a mother of two was killed just outside my brother-in-law’s office.

Overview of Our Pro-Gun Work
        We began our pro-gun activism by critiquing the mainstream media’s firearms coverage. We eventually stopped reviewing gun stories because misleading accounts often weren’t mistakes; they were agenda driven. We were wasting our time since the media outlets we contacted didn’t care - they were openly anti-gun.         We went on to pen our “LIBERTY OATH”- an appeal to resist any form of nationwide firearms registration. The oath appears on cards, shirts, and in much of our advocacy literature. In the recent past, we were involved in the “District of Columbia v Heller” Supreme Court case. We lobbied the court to hear the case and supported a friend-of-the-court brief by “Academics for the Second Amendment.” We also wrote a critique of Solicitor General Clement’s Heller brief. In early 2009, we generated a draft resolution for Arizona legislators. It advocated using four recent Supreme Court decisions as the legal basis to overturn any new “Assault Weapon” ban. Finally, as members of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, we lobby for pro-gun measures as they move through the Arizona legislature.

Mary’s Background
        In the early 1950s, Mary began her professional career as an apprentice dental technician and late in the decade she established her own dental lab. Later, as a volunteer Mary provided liaison between patients’s families and the intensive care staff of a large Catholic Hospital. She was also a Campfire Girls Board of Directors member for many years.

Mac’s Background
        My pursuit of being a race car builder/driver was interrupted by the Korean War. Because the war was winding down, my service was in a NATO intelligence organization. A degree in mathematics followed and I eventually became director of an Army sponsored technical-intelligence analysis laboratory. I’m a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Mu Epsilon.

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